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Quick Tip #2 – Champagne

Ever open a bottle of cheap champagne?  I don’t come from a people that like sweet champagne (there will be no sugar cube in my spumante).  Actually, here will be no asti spumante at all – not my bag, baby.

Anyway back on track… “quick” tip, remember?  So…you bought some cheap bubbly?

And you were hoping it would be ok?  You were hoping it was five bucks well spent?  Almost every time I try I wind up with a bottle of sweet wanky crap that just needs to go down the drain.

Recently, I ended up with a cheap bottle that was….almost…palatable.  My tip?  Try adding a half ounce of vermouth to your glass of cheap champagne.  I used Nolly Prat dry vermouth and found the results to be suddenly, surprisingly, acceptable.  I also tried mixing sweet and dry vermouth in different amounts with the bubbly.  These experiments need more work, but I’m interested in ways to increase my vermouth use to avoid having bottles oxidize and go bad in between martinis.  For now, stick to the Nolly Prat dry unless you are feeling creative, and remember to keep all vermouths refrigerated after opening.

2 comments on “Quick Tip #2 – Champagne

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