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F-ing Car Bombs!!

So we went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday.  Drunken craziness followed.  Drinking on a bus, followed by drinking in a bar and on and on.  Irish Car Bombs soon made their appearance on the bar.  For years I have been saying:

“When you get to the point in the evening that an Irish Car Bomb sounds like a good idea, you may have already had enough.”

On one hand, they taste great and are fun to do with a bunch of friends.  On the other hand, just reading that sentence is a little embarrassing.  They also seem to give terrible hang-overs.   Never the less, I had a really good time, and may be coming back around to appreciating the Bomb.  I even had the bartender make me a traditional Irish Car Bomb, which mixes Kahlua with the Bailey’s and whiskey (AKA the Belfast Car Bomb).   The drinks were sweet and pretty tasty.  I guess my real issues with the Car Bomb concept has to do with my general avoidance of sweet drinks and the sense that I am wasting some perfectly good Guinness.  I also feel like I might be too old to be doing shots or slamming things, but my own issues aside, it is a fun way to get drunk.

I think for St. Patrick’s day I’ll try to update the Car Bomb and I challenge you to do the same.  My first thought is to mix Baily’s, Jameson’s and Guinness with a garnish of corned beef and call it an Irish Cliché.

courtesy of Drinkhacker

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