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Quick Tip #5: Party Cocktail Rules

Labor Day is over and summer is drawing to a close.  That means that the real party season is about to start cranking.  From Halloween (my favorite) to New Year’s Eve, there will be a hundred opportunities to throw parties featuring extravagant, indulgent cocktails too heavy for summer drinking.  Although these cocktails can be fun to make, if you’re throwing a party make sure to follow these basic rules to keep the drinks flowing and the  guests having a good time.

Basic Cocktail Rules for Parties:

1. You are not decorating a cupcake, you’re hosting a party.  Try to find quality drinks that can be made in large quantities, fast.  Remember that your role as the host is important and sometimes less is more.

2. Limited choices are a life saver.  A short cocktail menu of 2 or 3 drinks, set up and ready to go with instructions, will simplify the bar and make the party flow.  Too many choices costs you money and makes guests indecisive.

3. Put some thought into your cocktail choices. Vodka is the easy way out; try a more complex tipple.  Too much sugar in your drinks can have ill consequences; mix in some less sweet or – even better – some savory options.

4. If you want to offer more cocktail choices, consider hiring a bartender (not your idiot friend).  I love to be the cocktail guy at my parties, but a pro will save you a ton of work to free you up to host the party.

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3 comments on “Quick Tip #5: Party Cocktail Rules

  1. Chris Gallegos
    October 2, 2011

    What would you suggest for savory options?

    • boydrinksworld
      October 25, 2011

      How about a nice Gin Martini, or a Bloody Mary. Anything that lowers your sugar intake will help.

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