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The Absinthe is Always Greener… on the Documentary?

There is an absinthe documentary on Netflix!  If you want to learn about absinthe this is a pretty decent documentary.  The only criticism I have is that they do try a bit of sensationalism to make the spirit more interesting.  The color of the louche is overly green in many shots and there are a few interviewees who make claims of magic and mysticism, but after the first fifteen minutes or so it gets better.  The sordid but real history of absinthe is pretty cool without the need for any hokey sensationalism.  I love absinthe, but the liquid is far more interesting in its lore than in its effects.

Here is the trailer.

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One comment on “The Absinthe is Always Greener… on the Documentary?

  1. Sabine
    June 13, 2012

    First, thanks much for checking out my bacon-chipotle infused bourbon. But, on to absinthe. I brought some back from France a few years ago and still have it since I suspect one bottle will last a lifetime. But what I was fascinated with was the elaborate ritual involved in serving and drinking. I love the sugar, the lovely ornate spoons and pretty much everything about absinthe, except for the second swallow. Fun blog you have here.

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