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St. Raphael Poster

A classic quinquina and if I could read French I might be laughing at that this St. Raphael poster suggests that it is for Hygienic Consumption.  Also I love that the Parisian crowd seems to enjoy absinthe and “amers” or bitter aperitifs of all kinds along side the lovely malaria fighting St. Raphael.

Another Round!

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Shaking the Dust from the Dead

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One comment on “St. Raphael Poster

  1. The Liquid Culture Project
    October 30, 2012

    Effectively, “a glass before each meal is a certification of long life.”

    Talk about your propaganda, the Parisian crowd may “enjoy” Absinthe, but it’s quite obvious from their sullen faces that St. Raphael is presenting Absinthe as a gloom and death maker, whereas St. Raphael stimulates and embodies life.

    What a great poster! I want one!

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