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Quick! Hide the still!

Alambic 002

We all have dreams, this dude dreams of apple brandy dripping from his own still.  Others want to brew beer or raise horses.  I see myself as the unlikely chemist sitting in a tent with Hawkeye and Hunnicutt playing cards while we wait for the gin to finish.  In my tent I want this still.  It is awesome and Charles Winchester III and Hot Lips Houlihan will  never find it.

Bucking the system and bringing the beauty, this alembic still combines hillbilly ingenuity with classic style.  Francesco Morackini is an artist and designer with a deviant streak that I find charming.  This still however is exceptional.  What I really dig is what he this piece is saying about the laws that bind us.  Why shouldn’t we all be allowed to own stills?  Alcohol is cheap and readily available in our society and distilling takes time and planning and skill.   Who are these laws protecting?  Home brewing is legal and boiling water is legal; once you have those two things in the same room you are very nearly breaking the law.  The simplicity of this design shows how everyday objects can, in the right hands, be both provocative and beautiful.


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3 comments on “Quick! Hide the still!

  1. All Things Beverage
    February 20, 2013

    This is fantastic.

    • boydrinksworld
      March 9, 2013

      The question is, if you had something that beautiful, would you use it?

      • All Things Beverage
        March 9, 2013

        There would be some hesitation, but then after realizing that this device could make me whiskey, I believe I would have to use it.

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