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BDW Bitters and Cocktail Spice

Boy Drinks World Bitters

If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve gotten a chance to try our prototype Boy Drinks World Bitters and Serrano Cocktail Spice, congratulations, and thank you for your support!  For everyone else, rest assured we are working our way through licensing to bring our specialty hand-crafted cocktail ingredients to the market – we are as eager for you to buy it as you are for us to sell it!  We will be launching a Kickstarter in the next few months for the last bit of funding we need to get our products licensed and distributed, so stay tuned to the site or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for all the details!

In the meantime, you can also check out our other BDW merch – all proceeds go to funding our first batch of bitters!

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3 comments on “BDW Bitters and Cocktail Spice

  1. schoolhousebooze
    November 15, 2013

    Sounds delicious! Have you launched your kickstarter campaign yet? Very interested in supporting

    • boydrinksworld
      November 15, 2013

      Thank you for your enthusiasm! As soon as the KickStarter is up I will post it here. I hope it will be active before the end of the year.

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