thoughts on drinking, life and mixing the two.

Getting Down and Dirty with the Gin and Tonic

In my particular world view I believe that we all must have grown up watching our fathers drinking gin and tonic.  I would beg sips and drink his tonic water out … Continue reading

January 20, 2013 · 7 Comments

Quick Tip #1 – Club Soda and Bitters – 2012 Update

Bitters having come from medicinal roots have an ancient  reputation as a heath tonic.  Snake oil pushers once upon a time would claim that bitters cured everything from gout to indigestion.  … Continue reading

March 25, 2012 · 6 Comments

Quick Tip #1

I often have to drive and must maintain sobriety.  Lately I have been ordering an old-school bartender hangover remedy.  Club soda and bitters. Sure, most of us order club soda to have … Continue reading

February 10, 2011 · 1 Comment

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